I3C accept interns from Princeton University


The Office of International Programs (OIP) is home to the Study Abroad Program,  International Internship Program, Fellowship Advising, and the Bridge Year Program. The OIP serves as Princeton University's primary resource for undergraduates seeking to gain experiences abroad and for undergraduates, graduating seniors, and alumni seeking to apply for fellowships and scholarships.

In 2013 the International Council for Cultural Centers (I3C) accpet IIP candidates with a strong interest in social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, design skills, and a commitment to service are encouraged to apply. Three placements have been created for International Internship Program (IIP) interns.

Social entrepreneurship: The IIP intern will help develop the overall strategy to improve the existing business plan of the Bread Houses social enterprises in Bulgaria and the one planned for the Princeton-New York area. Thus, the intern will be able to work on this project long-term after returning to Princeton, having the unique opportunity to critically contribute to the rise of a successful food-and-art startup envisioned as the first of its kind in social franchise. The intern is also expected to help create marketing strategies including but not limited to developing a logo, updating website visuals, uploading photographs and videos from events onto the website, and writing articles to be featured on the homepage. IIP candidates with a background in economics, engineering, public policy, anthropology, sociology, business development, and good presentation skills are encouraged to apply.

Community development program: The IIP intern will be trained in break-and-art community engagement methods (Theater of Crumbs, Kitchen Music, poetry, storytelling, pottery, painting, wood-carving, knitting, weaving) to help facilitate and eventually lead community events. After observing and assisting the work of people with disabilities, the intern will contribute ideas about Bread Therapy to a team of psychologists attempting to measure the therapeutic impact of this method in order to get Bread Therapy officially accepted as one of the expressive therapy methods applied in hospitals and therapy centers (art therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, etc). The intern will also be able to develop marketing strategies while maintaining the organization’s website, work on the English version of the Bread-and-Arts Methods Manual, and take photos and videos for publication. IIP candidates with a background in arts, psychology, anthropology, sociology, creativity, and good public relations skills are encouraged to apply.

Global network coordinator: The IIP intern will develop and maintain communication (email, Skype, chat room, interactive platform) with Bread House programs around the world, particularly its locations in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil). The intern will also be able to draft grant applications for international collaborative projects and international cultural exchange programs while maintaining new content for the website. IIP candidates with a background in arts, psychology, anthropology, sociology, creativity, and good public relations skills are encouraged to apply.