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The International Council for Cultural Centers is the global network of national networks/associations of community cultural centers (3c-s), currently connecting more than 50 countries on 6 continents. I3C hopes to link these houses in a family of shared ideals and practices, weaving a larger, living and flexible global net embodying the analogy of the African shekere instrument net and way of producing sound: a net not only virtual but also very real and physically present through the actual house buildings enlivening communities on all continents.
I3C is currently the only international non-governmental organization representing internationally community cultural centers with their rights, responsibilities, and needs for favourable conditions for the activities of voluntary/non-paid artists and community animators around the world.

"Solidarity Bread" - recognized initiative by UNAOC #OneHumanity microsite

 Our initiative 'Solidarity Bread' was involved in UNAOC #OneHumanity microsite as a good practive of solidarity in the face of COVID-19. In April we launched our online bread makings as a response to the needs of the society. Our moto is #High-TOUCH through high-tech with the wish of reaching more people in a need of sharing, expression of emotions and breaking a bread together with others.

Award for the Most Innovative European Volunteer Initiative for 2019

 And the Award for the most Innovative European Volunteer Initiative for 2019 goes to… Solidarity Bread!

We Played the “Bakers Without Borders Game” as Part of an Initiative Sponsored by the Erasmus+ Program

On January 18 we played the “Build a Bread House” educational game on social entrepreneurship with 60 youngsters from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia. By using the stages of growing wheat, we discussed how we can create a Bread House in their communities and which social groups can participate in the functioning of the Bread House. The youngsters visited the Sofia Bread House and played the “Bakers Without Borders” game as a part of the project “Youth Social Integration Through Social Entrepreneurship” funded by the Erasmus+ Program and implemented by the Bulgarian Memory Foundation (Bulgaria), together with the Bulgarian-Macedonian Friendship Association (Macedonia) and the Citizen Association “Grupa liperalnih, ambicioznih i solidarnih“ (Serbia). The goal of the project is to develop entrepreneurial skills through informal education and to contribute to youth employment.

We are launching a series of children's books

We are launching a series of children’s books written and illustrated by our founder and president, Dr. Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova, cultural anthropologist (Princeton University) and “Traveler with a Mission of the Year 2012” of the global National Geographic. The books are separate from the game Bakers without Borders, but related to it. They go under the general title of “The Adventures of NadEzhko, the hedgehog Baker without Borders”. You can learn more about the books and purchase them on the website of the Bakers without Borders game: http://thegame.bakerswithoutborders.net/books/.

We were awarded participation in the 8th Mont-Blanc Meetings on solidarity economy in France

We were recently awarded participation in the 8th Mont-Blanc Meetings on solidarity economy that will take place on December 6, 7, and 8, 2017 in France. The topic of the event is "Social and solidarity economy: The new efficiency." During the event we will present about the initiative of the Bread Houses Network. Zdrava Vodenicharova from the Bread Houses Network will be presenting attending the event to present us.

We became members of Hands On! International and participated in its conference

In September, we became a member of Hands On! International, the international association of children museums. Soon after that we attended the association's conference in the Czech Republic. The title of the conference was “The Future in Children’s Hands – Informal Education as an Instrument for Social Change.” During the conference I3C had the opportunity and pleasure to present the game “Bakers Without Borders.” One of the most faithful and supportive crumbassadors of the Bread Houses Network represented I3C at the conference and made bread with 35 participants from all over the world on the topic of tolerance. The bread workshop that our crumbassador led was part of the module presenting good practices for social inclusion and engagement.

We participated in the first Game Pedagogy festival in Poland

In October, the city of Opole hosted the first International Game Pedagogy Festival in Poland, organized by the Polish Association of Pedagogues and Animators KLANZA. The event gathered teachers, trainers, facilitators and animators.

During the event, we presented the Bread Houses Network board game “Build a Bread House” and played it in three languages – Polish, English and German! Many others took the challenge to participate in the Theater of Crumbs. At the flour canvas they presented their visions about game pedagogy and shared what they see as the salt and the sugar in this approach.

A big thank you to the organizers for the great experience and for the chance to share our methods with so many people interested in our work!

Our methods as a social innovation

In September, a member from Sofia Bread House team took part in the Academy of Cultural Management 2017, where we presented the work of the Bread Houses Network from the point of view of innovation in the social and cultural field. The Academy was organized by the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, the Sofia Development Association and the City of Sofia. The event aimed to build capacity and increase the competences of cultural managers in Sofia and the region. The event was attended by representatives of municipal and national institutions, as well as independent organizations from the cultural and educational spheres. We moderated a discussion on “Social innovations” – a possibility for idea exchange between cultural managers with rich experience and many implemented projects, as well as beginners in the field.

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