I3C joined the ENCC Shortcut Europe 2012


Representatives of International Council for Cultural Centers joined the European Network of Cultural Centres congress "Shortcut Europe 2012" in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. "Shortcut Europe" is not just an event, but also a platform where experts who work in culture, artists, amateurs and professionals from all over Europe meet in order to exchange their experiences and enhance culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development (by implementing the EU Agenda for Culture that advocates and enhances culture in local community).

Development of new technologies and increase in mobility has made Europe a space with lesser boundaries and with greater mutual connection and cooperation. Since Croatia is about to become a member of that great community, it is necessary that all similar institutions in culture connect and network in order to be able to exchange experiences and strengthen their roles in the local communities in which they act.

Pavlina Petrova, Project Manager at I3C presented the International Council for Cultural Centers activities, some ideas for future cooperation, sharing good practices and development of mutual projects between ENCC and I3C and especially with cultural centers networks in Brazil.